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Why Black Hive Athletics?

Supportive Community

When you step into Black Hive Athletics, a CrossFit Jacksonville Beach gym, be prepared to be a part of a community that is positive, safe, supportive, and hard working. From the first day you begin training here, our coaching staff will build you up, helping you get stronger every day.

Scalable Program

Black Hive Athletic’s programming is completely scalable to meet your own fitness and physical abilities, no matter what your fitness background is. Whether it’s Personal Training, CrossFit, or Strength and Conditioning, everything can be modified to your needs.

Personal Training

Whether you are new to Black Hive Athletics and just learning the fundamentals of the movements, or have been at CrossFit for some time and need help tweaking your pull-ups or clean and jerk, one of our highly skilled coaches would be happy to work one-on-one with you in helping you to achieve your fitness goals.

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